SCHS Baseball Lead Off Chili Cookoff!

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Date(s) - 02/22/2020
6:30 pm

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Volunteer(s) / Registrations -

  • Andrea Flanders
  • Olivia Arden
  • Amanda Eaves
  • Lyndsay Divine
  • Sky Reeves
  • Kelly Flowers
  • Bridgett Lydon
  • Melissa Patton
  • Kimberly Ramsey
  • Katie Pearson
  • Kim Gibson
  • Robin Gillespie
  • SherriBeth Mullannix
  • Todd Reed
  • Shantella Leach
  • Tricia MacCallum
  • Angie Looney
  • Holly Martin
  • Tricia Blair
  • Paige Willhite
  • Susan Fogle
  • Laura Garner
  • Kimbal Ford
  • Rhonda Stewart
  • Shantella Leach

Scott County High School

Please sign up to bring one or more of the following items to our Lead Off dinner!

Here is what we have so far: (I will update this nightly)

Name Item
Amanda Eaves Chili
Amanda Eaves Crackers
Andrea Flanders Chili
Andrea Flanders Desserts
Angie Looney Chili
Angie Looney Desserts
Angie Looney Sandwiches
Bridgett Lydon Bowls
Bridgett Lydon Napkins
Bridgett Lydon Spoons
Holly Martin Chili
Katie Pearson Desserts
Katie Pearson Water
Kelly Flowers Bowls
Kelly Flowers Desserts
Kim Gibson Napkins
Kim Gibson Shredded Cheese
Kim Gibson Sour Cream
Kimbal Ford Desserts
Kimbal Ford Sour Cream
Kimbal Ford Shredded Cheese (x3)
Kimberly Ramsey Chili
Kimberly Ramsey Crackers
Kimberly Ramsey Shredded Cheese
Kimberly Ramsey Sour Cream
Laura Garner Chili
Laura Garner Crackers
Lyndsay Divine Chili
Lyndsay Divine Sandwiches
Lyndsay Divine Shredded Cheese
Melissa Patton Chili
Melissa Patton Crackers
Melissa Patton Shredded Cheese
Olivia Arden Sandwiches
Olivia Arden Spoons
Paige Willhite Sandwiches
Robin Gillespie Crackers
Shantella Leach Desserts
Shantella Leach Water
SherriBeth Mullannix Desserts
Sky Reeves Chili
Susan Fogle Chili
Todd Reed Chili
Todd Reed Sandwiches
Tricia Blair Desserts
Tricia Blair Shredded Cheese
Tricia MacCallum Napkins
Tricia MacCallum Water
Tricia MacCallum Water


Ticket Type Spaces
Pimento Cheese or Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Sour Cream

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